The Benefits of Using AEDs in Emergency Situations

The benefits of using AEDs in emergency situations is very important to understand to use it properly. What constitutes an emergency situation? Is it a scenario where someone unexpectedly drops to the floor and loses breath? Is it the event of near-drowning? Yes, and yes — emergency situations can happen to anyone and at any…


What is the survival rate for individuals who receive CPR?

Ever wonder what the CPR Survival Rate is? In most cases, CPR is connected to cardiac arrests. It can be administered to other patients, but this technique is only used when the heart stops working. Get your certification at a good CPR class that can train you in everything you need to know. According to…


When should you not perform CPR?

Are you wondering when you should not perform CPR? There are many different answers to this question. Nonetheless, doctors and experts point out specific situations when CPR has to be stopped or even completely avoided. This is because CPR, in some cases, can complicate specific surgery, disease, and age-related risks and do more damage than…